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Our US financial case: IT and Customer Success Orchestration

I would like to share with you, guys, some bullets points (before and after) when we have decided to leave a tradicional IT Datacenter on-premise and also a waterfall/agile development process to build an online digital financial operation across the US using Google Cloud Kubernetes and DevOps process.

It is very important to say here that all these efforts were made just to one very special guy to us: our Customer.

Before implementing the new process

  • A lot of time spent on Management and Monitoring lots of Servers, Storages and Disks and Databases;
  • A lot of time spent on Patch Management and lots of Operational Systems;
    A lot of time spent on mixed Environments to deploy applications in different develop frameworks;
  • A lot of time spent to build and architect a scalable and flexible Infrastructure to keep your application health and available;
  • High cost to deploy and management applications on a GEO Cluster environment;
    High cost to management a DR DataCenter.

After the implementation

  • Happy Customers;
  • NoOps and Serverless concepts are helping us to focus most of our time on Customer success and UX;
  • Google Kubernetes (Containerized Application Management);
  • Using Container-Optimized OS;

  • Horizontal autoscaling, Rolling updates and Canary deployments;
  • Coding and deploy a wide variety of Applications faster and easy;
  • High Availability and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

On the next I will post more info about it and how we are improving our Customer success with Google GCP. Keep on the loop and please leave your comments.

See u!

This article was published originally on Marcelo’s LinkedIn.

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